Truth and Lies

Truth and Lies

Sunil Gera


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Shabana hailed from a conservative Muslim background of old Delhi. If she chose to go by the norms, she would have to settle for an arranged match, accept purdah as her lot and crush her ambition. She knew that the times had changed, her icons were Malala Yousafzai and Greta Thunberg, she wanted to make an impact.
Rajat, a film producer, won National award for his film, Zindagi. He was on the lookout for a young actress for his new production, Mulaquat, based on first war of independence of India. Ajit owned Perkin’s Publisher by default. He wanted to time the release of a biography with Rajat’s new film, in which he wanted to portray him as Jekyll-and-Hyde personality. Shabana used her natural talent to be both, Rajat’s heroine and Ajit’s author, in spite of the restrictive clauses of her contractual agreement with them. The war between Rajat and Ajit got dirty, which resulted in murder, suicide, changes in the fortunes, public protests and far more. What happened to Rajat, Shabana and Ajit and those who were affected? To know all, read an edge-of-your-seat thriller, Truth and Lies.


Sunil Gera:
Sunil Gera is an engineer by profession. He often thought of quitting his engineering work and going for literary pursuit. Initially, he worked in R&D, Sales and Manufacturing, and later in Sales and Marketing. During his professional studies and working tenure, he wrote on and off but not seriously. At sixty, Sunil took up writing seriously. His main interest was in the Romantic Thriller genre, being inspired by writers like Margaret Mitchell, Daphne du Maurier and Jane Austen in his senior school days. Later, he gained interest in popular fiction, and modified his genre to Romantic Thriller with a dash of crime. His published novels Make me your Friend, Stars in your Eyes and Love and Honour are packed with emotion and action. His distinctive style has roots in Indian culture, the settings of a vibrant, multicultural society having its own set of ethos. Sunil has sketched the conflicts due to varied living conditions, religions and economic levels. The author lucidly draws out the conflict in the psyche of the characters.