Advanced Liquid Metal Cooling for Chip, Device and System

Advanced Liquid Metal Cooling for Chip, Device and System

Jing Liu


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This compendium summarizes the core principles and practical applications of a brand-new advanced chip cooling category — liquid metal cooling. It illustrates the science and art of room temperature liquid metal enabled cooling for chip, device and system. The concise volume features unique scientific and practical merits, and clarified intriguing liquid metal coolant or medium behaviors in making new generation powerful cooling system.

With both uniquely important fundamental and practical values, this useful reference text benefits researchers to set up their foundation and then find new ways of making advanced cooling system to fulfil the increasingly urgent needs in modern highly integrated chip industry.


  • Introduction
  • Typical Liquid Metal Medium and Properties for Advanced Cooling
  • Fabrications and Characterizations of Liquid Metal Cooling Materials
  • Corrosion Issues in Liquid Metal-based Thermal Management
  • Nano Liquid Metal for Development of Enhanced Materials
  • Liquid Metal-based Thermal Interface Material
  • Low Melting Point Metal Enabled Phase Change Cooling
  • Fluidic Properties of Liquid Metal
  • Liquid Metal Flow Cooling and its Applications in Diverse Areas
  • Self-Adaptable Liquid Metal Cooling
  • Liquid Metal Cooling in Confined Spaces
  • Hybrid Cooling via Liquid Metal and Aqueous Solution
  • Liquid Metals for Harvesting Heat and Energy
  • Combinatorial Liquid Metal Heat Transfer towards Extreme Cooling

Readership: Researchers, professionals, academics and graduate students in mechanical engineering, new materials and applied and technical physics.