The World of 5G

The World of 5G

Volume 5: Intelligent Medicine

Wenhua Huang, Haibin Lin


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As the latest generation of cellular mobile communication technology, 5G is characterized by high speed, low delay, wide bandwidth and high reliability. Compared with 4G, the peak rate of 5G has increased by at less 30 times over, the user experience rate by 10 times, the spectrum efficiency by 3 times, the connection density by 10 times, and the wireless interface delay has been reduced by 90%. With the application of 5G technology, not only will the mobile communication and Internet industry be changed dramatically, but so will the medical field.

This book focuses on the integration of 5G with medicine, including the advantages of smart medicine in comparison with traditional medicine, how 5G promotes the development of smart medicine, and the integration of 5G smart medical terminals with new medical applications. Readers will gain insight into the great potentials brought by new technologies in the medical world and also the benefits of better healthcare services brought by advances in the 5G technology.


  • Intelligent Medicine: The Magic Power for Healing the Wounded and Rescue of the Dying
  • Making Distant Diagnosis and Treatment Possible with 5G
  • Better Healthcare within Your Reach
  • 5G-Pioneered Robust Healthcare for the Future

Readership: Undergraduate students pursuing system engineering and telecommunication manufacturing. Engineers and professional engaged in telecommunication and biomedical industries.

Key Features:

  • Aimed at satisfying the curiosity of the public on 5G technology and to inspire practitioners to seize the opportunities made possible by 5G technology
  • Examines the key technologies, requirements, user experience, and industry applications of 5G in the medical field
  • Forecasts the impact of 5G technology on public life and society as well as the potential security risks in terms of legal, moral and ethical aspects
  • Smart healthcare made possible with 5G technology will be covered in detail


Wenhua Huang: