The World of 5G

The World of 5G

Volume 3: Intelligent Home

Wei Wu


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This book describes the evolution of the intelligent home wired up with 5G technologies supported by Internet of Things (IoT) in the intelligent smart home to integrate most home appliances such as HD TV, home security, and home network equipment into one central hub.


  • The Past and Present of Smart Home
  • The Foundation of the Integration of Smart Home and 5G
  • Typical Applications of Smart Home–5G Integration
  • Innovative Products Integrating Smart Home and 5G

Readership: Undergraduate students with relevant or similar professional background in communications. High school students who are interested in electric and communication technologies.

Key Features:

  • Aimed at satisfying the curiosity of public for 5G and also inspiring practitioners to seize this opportunity, brought by 5G technology from the perspective of experts
  • This book present to readers the essence of 5G technology as well as the potential security and risks opening up due to 5G technology
  • This book covers the impact of 5G technology on the future development and design of intelligent home