The World of 5G (In 5 Volumes)

The World of 5G (In 5 Volumes)

Volume 1: Internet of Everything; Volume 2: Intelligent Manufacturing; Volume 3: Intelligent Home; Volume 4: Intelligent Transportation; Volume 5: Intelligent Medicine

Quan Xue, Wenquan Che, Jishun Guo, Wei Wu, Zhiqiang Xu


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5G is becoming a critically important supporting technology for industrial evolvement.

The World of 5G series consists of five salient volumes — Internet of Everything, Intelligent Manufacturing, Intelligent Home, Intelligent Transportation, and Intelligent Medicine.

Aim to capture new opportunities brought by 5G, this compendium set focuses on the key technologies, requirements, users' experiences, industry applications, and industrial reforms from the perspective of experts, and comprehensively introduces the related knowledge of 5G.

These reference volumes inform readers the essences of 5G, potential changes to the development of public life and society brought by 5G, as well as the potential security and risks such as the legal, moral and ethical aspects.

The set also prominently reflects the latest business status in different industrial and social fields, and the great changes that follow.


  • Volume 1: Internet of Everything (Quan Xue & Wenquan Che):
    • Progress of Civilization with Information: The Never-Ending Human Quest
    • 5G Roars: The Internet of Everything Comes True
    • Magic Enabling of 5G: Tremendous Social Shift Empowering Human Life
    • Beyond Imagination: The Way Ahead in the Era of 'Technology as the King'
  • Volume 2: Intelligent Manufacturing (Jishun Guo):
    • The Call of the Times: Opportunities and Challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    • Brave Winds and Waves: Smart Manufacturing is the Key to Leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    • 5G Upgrade of Intelligent Manufacturing: A Major Opportunity for Industrial Upgrading
    • The Application of Intelligent Mass Production Based on 5G: Overcoming the Obstacles of Intelligent Production
  • Volume 3: Intelligent Home (Wei Wu):
    • The Past and Present of Smart Home
    • The Foundation of the Integration of Smart Home and 5G
    • Typical Applications of Smart Home–5G Integration
    • Innovative Products Integrating Smart Home and 5G
  • Volume 4: Intelligent Transportation (Zhiqiang Xu):
    • Intelligent Transportation — What You Need to Know
    • Power of Intelligent Transportation Redoubled with the Support of 5G
    • Better Life and Smart Travel with 5G+
    • Traffic Control with 5G+ — The More Intellectual Management
  • Volume 5: Intelligent Medicine (Wenhua Huang & Haibin Lin):
    • Intelligent Medicine: The Magic Power for Healing the Wounded and Rescue of the Dying
    • Making Distant Diagnosis and Treatment Possible with 5G
    • Better Healthcare within Your Reach
    • 5G-Pioneered Robust Healthcare for the Future

Readership: Researchers and practitioners in the fields of 5G. General readers who are interested in the fields of 5G, undergraduate students.

Key Features:

  • The Editor-in-Chief Professor Quan Xue is an expert in the field of millimeter-wave and Terahertz technology. In recent years, he has been focusing on the research of 5G core technologies. In this way, the technical content of this book has been described very clearly and easily understood. In addition, this book has very good readability due to the contribution of the editorial team with good sense of popular book writing. Moreover, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to the possible applications of 5G in several exciting industries, including manufacturing, medical, gaming, transportation, finance and other industries


Quan Xue: