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Ali Whippe


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What would you give to be human again?
With her succubus powers, Amberleigh Miller fits right into the world of supernatural creatures who hide in plain sight among the humans. Her passion for new partners makes her a desirable companion in the city, but her true value in this world is her other, more hidden ability: she is a Holder, capable of borrowing a fellow creature’s powers for a time, rendering them completely human.
Though she should know better than to Hold for a vampire again, Amberleigh assures herself she can handle the bloodlust this time, especially given the amount he agrees to pay—just enough to buy that dream home on the beach she’s been eyeing. Besides, she’s more experienced now; she can manage a few days as a vampire without too much trouble.
But when her all-too-human client runs into trouble of his own, this succubus finds that she may have agreed to Hold way more than she can handle.


Ali Whippe:
Ali Whippe loves trying new delights, especially of the non-vanilla variety. Her obsession with naughty words and sexy situations is only topped by her need to push the boundaries in every possible way. While her XTC and Honey Pot series play with all things wicked and sultry, the Collectors series is her first foray into paranormal erotica, and she never knew the world of magic and fantasy could be so deliciously sinful. She hopes you enjoy the ride as much as she did.