From Beyond the Crowd

Sandipa Bhattacharjee


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Often in our chasing of the hours we get lost, defeated, and worse - deluded, by the results. The poet provides solace to such weary travellers trudging through the by-lanes of Life. Through easy rhyme, she not only voices some deep-seated questions, but places arguments and answers that open one’s mind to the real meaning of life. What is in it for the youthful adventurers, for those yet to set upon the stormy voyage of life? The questions that get pushed aside by their youthful curiosity are brought to the surface. Premises are placed and through lucid reasoning counterpoints are provided revealing a profundity beyond the seeming simplicity. Profound yet lyrical, here is a form of writing that relaxes even as it appeals to the deep thinker. Tough yet gentle, adamant yet understanding, difficult yet easy: yes paradoxes rule the pages, and the light heartedness of the author’s writing carries the reader through them all with a smile.


Sandipa Bhattacharjee:
Growing up in a small town of India, the poet has dedicated her life to being a teacher, writing to avail that elusive bliss that escapes one in the frenzied world of technology and change. Here she presents her understanding of a life lived in faith, leading to peace