His Heart Captured by a Tongan Beauty

His Heart Captured by a Tongan Beauty

Charlotte Lavender Fonua


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His Heart Captured by a Tongan Beauty is a riveting, winding journey through the Tongan community of Oakland, California. Biracial Police Officer Gideon Thompson comes to understand and appreciate his Tongan roots when he falls in love with Tilisa Tokelau, a beautiful teacher with a heart as big as the island her people came from. Along the way, Officer Thompson survives a pit bull attack, foils an armed robbery, and rebuffs the unwanted advances of his cheating ex-fiancee. Readers unfamiliar with Tongan culture will enjoy learning about Anga Faka Tonga or what it means to be a Tongan while following the travails of Tilisa as she works as a toua (a kind of barmaid), serving men the indigenous, intoxicating beverage kava. In the course of this duty, she attracts the attention of a local drug dealer later implicated in a string of killings. That's when Officer Thompson comes to the rescue.