yellow promises

yellow promises

Erin E. Hall


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she was unexpected. part strips of paper, part shards of glass, she was a delicate step between two very different yet familiar fragile edges. the contrast between the two is comparable to the vastly differing interpretations of the color yellow. on one hand, it can represent deceit and betrayal while on the other hand, it may symbolize optimism and joy. it can be intense and bold, pointed and piercing. or like the stripes on a winding back road, it can change our mood and calm us down.

we are not defined by our circumstances but by our choices. in this book, you will encounter and endure the hurt and the healing those choices can create. from the author of vulnerable beauty comes the story of one that could easily be that of many. through vibrant and raw poetry, experience one woman's transformation from broken to brave. from the infatuation of a new relationship, the damage caused by abuse and the regret it festers, to finally finding true love and an even more genuine acceptance of herself, she chooses her worth over her worry. it does not happen overnight but with every turn of the page.

perhaps you will find yourself in her story and see that even if knocked down, there is always a bottom from which to push off and rise. often, what is perceived as final simply becomes a new beginning. if by several miles or only one step at a time, she moves forward, trusting and believing in little yellow promises.