Hope for the Future from the One Above

Hope for the Future from the One Above

John H. Garot


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This book states fifty different problems of everyday life along with a positive resolution from the Man Above. Among the common problems are working conditions, broken relationships, lack of faith, despair, and deceit, among others Each poem has two stanzas: 1.Presentation of the Problem 2.Suggested Resolution of the Problem from the Man Above


John H. Garot:
John H. Garot graduated from St. John's University in Collegeville, MN., with a degree in English and followed up at Arizona State University where he earned a Master's Degree in English with Specialization in Education. Following, he spent two years in the Army during the Vietnam Era, stationed in Germany. Upon fulfillment, he returned to ASU for additional studies and then went into industry--Miller Brewing Company, Motorola, Motorola Cellular, the Outboard Marine Corp., and advertising agencies in IL. and WI. John is retired and currently teaching at the college level, online, for the University of Phoenix, University of Maryland, University College, and DeVry University. Happily married to Sheila for 51 years, they have a wonderful daughter Michelle and a beautiful granddaughter named Allura. Upon retirement, they moved back to Green Bay, WI, where they currently live.