Dear Students…

Dear Students…

Weekly Thoughts to Establish a Growth Mindset

Antonio Corrales


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Dear Students…Weekly Thoughts to Establish a Growth Mindset is a compilation of weekly thoughts dedicated to all students going through an academic journey looking to get inspired when facing challenges. The purpose of the book is to motivate and encourage students to follow their dreams as much as possible. These thoughts are for students to know that everyone faces challenges, regardless of their appearance, level of success, experiences, and struggles. It is ultimately not about the challenges we face, but what we make of them, how we approach them, how we view them, and how we learn from them.


Antonio Corrales:
DR. ANTONIO CORRALES is a tenured professor in Educational Leadership. He has several years of experience in providing managerial leadership and administrative support to various departments in a variety of school districts, private and public organizations, serving in executive and administrative positions at public school districts and higher education institutions, as well as management and advising multi-million dollar projects for multinational companies. In addition, Dr. Corrales owns a successful consulting company, Sterling Evaluation & Assessment, which focuses on strategic marketing, program evaluation, and school turnaround. Besides publishing articles on at-risk student populations and school turnaround, Dr. Corrales has also authored the books Undoing the Damage: Repairing a Broken School District; Always Look 3 Stoplights Ahead: 9 Principles for Establishing Successful Schools; and Frank, a Political Monster: 12 Rules to Succeed in Organizations. During recent years, Dr. Corrales has established a variety of social media platforms to communicate with his students and educators around the world, specifically @_DOCTOR_C and his YouTube channel Let’s Talk about Education with Antonio Corrales, a conversational platform that hosts successful educators from around the world speaking on highly pertinent topics for parents, students, and educators. Dr. Corrales earned a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from the Universidad Metropolitana, in Venezuela, and his MBA from Reutlingen University of Technology & Business, in Germany. Following Dr. Corrales’ move to the U.S., he earned his master's and doctoral degrees in Educational Leadership at the University of Houston - Clear Lake.