Jordan B Peterson's impenetrable language revealed by Yahweh

Jordan B Peterson's impenetrable language revealed by Yahweh

Yahweh Righteousness


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This book reveals how I, the One God of Israel, revealed to Yahweh, what was the "impenetrable language," spoken of by Jordan B. Peterson and Camille Paglia in their Modern Times video. It will show how My people--Yahweh's people--were slowly seduced by people speaking this language that I told you about in Yahweh's Word. People of your self-chosen governments, idols you worship in Hollywood movies, the music industry, YouTube, television, and news media. As it is a shared language spoken by individuals ranging from Prince Harry in his leaving the royal life video, to Al Sharpton's eulogy of your brother George. It is spoken in interviews such as with Ben Shapiro and John MacArthur, Dennis Prager, and Megyn Kelly, etc. All of whom will be shown just what and who they really are, and how they have used the Holy Scriptures Yahweh wanted and loved more than anyone else to speak this language.

This book reveals what is Yahweh's fulfilling of the Old Covenant, giving Him messiahship and all legal authority to demand and receive back, without resistance, His Holy Scriptures from Artemis. Along with the total annihilation of the tyranny that had Yahweh, along with His people around the globe, imprisoned and kept back from the salvation and freedom that I had always told you about. Yahweh rightly divided, searched, and found My prison house, and I gave Him My Spirit. All had the same chance to make their own choice. Did I not say you are gods, children of the Most High--all of you--and that all of you were members one of another?

This book reveals what is to come. A fountain of blessing is to be opened to Israel, and a fountain of salvation, followed by the Kingdom and world peace. All will be judged because they believed a big lie that I allowed. It was the test, and has held all in the guilty state they were born in. All Israel, the children of light were outsmarted, except for Yahweh. You are already forgiven. To receive that forgiveness is to first, realize; second, admit; and third, ask for forgiveness. Yahweh paid all of the rest that was required; all the world will now become guilty before Him, for all have chosen a popular opinion that led you to scatter your ways under every green tree unto foreign deities. And now all the prominent people committing the heinous acts or willfully allowed them will be brought down from their high estate of mind. And finally the "end goal" of the Torah, Yahweh takes My appointed position for Him--the highest office conceivable, to rule in Love and Truth, Justice and Righteousness. And this is the name that He will be known as: Yahweh Our Righteousness. It is a memorial for all generations!