T.A Crosby


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Alex felt the secrets and lies day in and day out, but only evening would come to show the deceitful agony. Her lifetimes had revolved around control, pain, misery, and shame. Could life be altered in unexplained events? As Alex transcended into this life, her passion became stronger and was awoken by a dark, mysterious presence. Could this time be different? As her eighteenth birthday approached, her life changed in a single heartbeat on that fateful night.

Alex leaped forward into this unknown journey and forged alliances with two younger girls. As they traveled, their lives merged into a band of three. Unbeknownst to them, the thievery, lies, and secrets were at their heels. Not only did the three girls find out that they belong together as a trinity, but they soon discover that fate has brought them together with a purpose. Alex found out she was "marked."

Could there be forces that expose the truths and love which "the One" never knew existed? Or would the lives this time again be conquered by hatred and despair?