For the Love of Joseph

For the Love of Joseph

Benita Glickman


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In For the Love of Joseph, Benita Glickman’s latest memoir, the author chronicles signs, dreams, and visions from Joseph Larizza, the love of her life and husband of thirty-eight years. Messages of eternal love and wisdom from the afterlife provide priceless life lessons that accommodate Benita’s adjustment to his passing, and facilitate her growth.
You mustn’t be so hard on yourself. Your life has changed now that we’re not together in the physical sense.… What was once so important to us, isn’t going to be that important to you now. Although you’ll always remember who we were together, you must thrive on your own. Try to accept that. You’ll always have my love, whatever you do. As I live and breathe within you, know I’m smiling down at you. What’s important now is your happiness.
Benita reflects on the meaning of love and the vital part it plays in life. She compares it to a seed that—when joyously planted and nurtured—strengthens us and paves our way for growth.
“It’s what I felt from, and gave to, Joseph, every day we spent together.… But for the love of Joseph, I mightn’t have healed as quickly, and couldn’t have flourished in the same way I did.”
Journey alongside the author as she revisits memories of her beloved Joseph and explores the fundamental workings and principles of the afterlife. You’ll smile and shed a few tears as you experience the couple’s eternal love through Joseph’s messages from the Other Side.


Benita Glickman:

Benita Glickman, a retired language teacher, mentor, and consultant to Brown University is an award-winning poet, short story writer, and grief and spiritual memoirist. Her memoirs Greetings from the Other Side: A Story of Love, Loss, and the Afterlife; Then and Now: Snapshots of My Life; Living Between Two Worlds; On a Path to Spiritual Enlightenment; and Spirits Walk Among Us are affirmations of love through loss, grief, healing, and growth.