Mathematics in Ancient Jaina Literature

Mathematics in Ancient Jaina Literature


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The volume contains selected articles presented in the ZOOM conference on History of Mathematics in Jain Literature, December 2020, and also contains articles invited by the editors on specific topics.

The main objective for the conference was to bring to the attention of historians in mathematics that there is a plenty of literature written by monks and scholars in Jaina literature that contains elements of arithmetic, algebra and geometry, independent of discoveries by other cultures in the past. The talks and the discussions at the conference highlighted a need for a volume that can be recommended as a reference book for a course on History of Mathematics in the Departments of Mathematics and Education in colleges and universities. This is our hope that the present volume would fill up the gap on the lack of knowledge of past Jaina contributions.


  • Decimal Numerals and Zero in Ancient Jaina literature (R C Gupta)
  • Evolution and Development of Mathematical Ideas through Jaina Scriptures (Ratnakumar S Shah)
  • Geometry in Ancient Jaina Works; a Review (S G Dani)
  • Partitions of Numbers Described in Bhagavatī Sūtra (Dipak Jadhav)
  • Concept of Infinity in Jaina Literature (Jitendra K Sharma)
  • Geometry in Mahāvīrācārya's Gaṇitasārasaṅgraha (S Balachandra Rao, K Rupa, S K Uma and PadmajaVenugopal)
  • Kuṭṭīkāra Equations in Mahāvīrācārya's Gaṇitasārasaṅgraha (Sudarshan B and N Shivakumar)
  • Series Summations in Śrīdhara and Mahāvīra's Works (R C Gupta)
  • Cryptography and Error-Detection in Siribhūvalaya (Anil Kumar Jain)
  • Jain Syllogism and Other Aspects of Jain Logic with Applications to Statistical Thinking (Kanti V Mardia and Anthony J Ruda)
  • Zero in the Early Śvetāmbara Jaina Works (Achary Vijay Nandighoshsuri)
  • Jaina Mathematical Sources since the Eighth Century (Anupam Jain)

Readership: Students and research scholars in History of Mathematics.

Key Features:

  • This book is valuable especially for those instructors who teach History of Mathematics in colleges/universities
  • This is also a useful reference book for researchers in History of Mathematics