God's Majesty in Nature

God's Majesty in Nature

John Travassos


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God’s majesty can be seen throughout all Creation. He intended it this way so that we would have no excuse not to know Him. This book contains examples of interesting and fascinating behaviors, adaptations, and mysteries exhibited in Nature throughout the Universe, all manifested through the hand of God. How do butterflies migrate thousands of miles without a map? Do leaves reflect God’s majesty? Did you know that God uses mathematics in His Creation?
Children are curious. This book presents them with an opportunity to learn about the world around them and how God has designed it. This book will open their eyes and minds to examples of how and where God works in Nature, from their backyards to the oceans and to the galaxies beyond.
Author John Travassos, a born-again Christian, is a Certified Professional Wetland Scientist with a life-long study of Nature. He and his wife venture into Nature as often as possible to experience the majesty of God. His goal is to share his knowledge of Nature and Scripture so that you will be astonished by the hand of God at work in everything around you.


John Travassos: