Chocolate Affirmations

Chocolate Affirmations

Leah Love


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Chocolate Affirmations presents the poetry and prose of author Leah Eber as she explores the power of appreciation. It is divided into nine chapters, with each chapter serving a different purpose. The sections consider the themes of powerful truths, courage, perception, authenticity, and love. Having found the courage to write down her thoughts, she shares her experiences, hopes, and dreams, revealing her heart to the world and in the process offering inspiration to those who need it.

The world does not really want you in your raw,
God-given form.
To be loved and indulged,
you need to become a modified version of yourself.
The world prefers you sweeter, lighter, processed, put together
but that is not you.

That is not who you are.

You are raw.
You are real.
You are undone.

It is time for the world to see you for who you really are. It is time for the world to know what you are really made of.

Chocolate Affirmations


Leah Love:

Leah Eber, creatively known as Leah Love, is an American entrepreneur, author, model, and retired elite track and field athlete. Chocolate Affirmations is her first self-published literary piece.