Newport Manual on Arctic Security

Newport Manual on Arctic Security

Walter Berbrick


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The Arctic’s growing strategic importance in world affairs and the increasing attention it receives from states inside and outside the region warrants greater cooperation and understanding of practical measures for maintaining regional security and stability. Approaches that seek to systematically isolate one of the Arctic states, particularly Russia, will only contribute to mistrust and impede prospects for regional stability. The product of a three-year project by twenty Arctic scholars and practitioners, The Newport Manual on Arctic Security sets out thirty international principles of security applicable to this maritime region. It addresses topics related to awareness, confidence-building measures, and capabilities. An extensive commentary accompanies each principle, which sets forth its basis during peacetime, explains practical barriers and solutions to implementation, and outlines critical disagreements within the group. Transparency, cooperation, and communication provide the basis for the principles and commentary. This book is policy—and politics—neutral and does not represent the official position, plans, or policies of any state or international organization, including the U.S. Naval War College. The project’s leadership was committed to objectivity and has included the views of all participants to reach consensus on future prospects for cooperation and agreement.