The Alpha Female Wolf

The Alpha Female Wolf

The Fierce Legacy of Yellowstone's 06

Rick McIntyre


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  • The fourth installment in an award-winning, beloved series: including The Rise of Wolf 8, The Reign of Wolf 21 (Winner of the Reading the West Award—Narrative Nonfiction), and The Redemption of Wolf 302
  • The myth of the alpha male: McIntyre surprises readers by showing that it’s female alpha wolves, not male alpha wolves, who play the most important leadership roles. Alpha males work collaboratively with female wolves and take direction from them.
  • The most famous wolf watcher in the world: McIntyre has recorded more wild wolf sightings than any other person on the planet and is a highly sought after speaker.
  • A natural born storyteller: McIntyre transmits wolf stories in ways that we can understand and relate to.
  • All eyes on Yellowstone Wolves: Due to controversial new legislation, Yellowstone wolves are in danger of being hunted and poached to extinction yet again. A movement to save the wolves has been featured in the NYT and WaPost.
  • Hungry for more Yellowstone content: with the launch of Obama's National Parks Netflix series, the popular Yellowstone TV series, and with visitors returning to the park after the pandemic. The keyword “Yellowstone” and "national parks" are rising on Google trends. 


Rick McIntyre:

Rick McIntyre has spent more time observing and documenting wolves in the wild than any other person. A retired National Park ranger, McIntyre has spent more than forty years watching wolves in America’s national parks, twenty-five of those years in Yellowstone, where he has accumulated over 100,000 wolf sightings, worked on the Yellowstone Wolf Reintroduction Project, and educated the public about the park’s wolves. He lives in Silver Gate, Montana.